Trust is fundamental to a successful partnership of any kind. The strongest partnerships involve mutual respect and collaboration. A business relationship should include loyalty, honesty, and integrity. This is just as true for your relationship with a staffing agency.  Here is how sticking with one staffing agency can build long-term trust:

Finding the Right Candidate Takes Time and Resources

Finding the perfect person to fill a position in your company takes valuable time and resources. That’s why you hired a staffing agency in the first place. Your company has limited resources, and the same is true for your hiring agency.

Hiring agencies that realize your company is working with several agencies, to fill one position,  may not invest their best resources. Staffing agencies have to allocate resources where they believe they will benefit their organization the most. An agency will hesitate if they think those efforts might just be a waste of time.

Your Staffing Agency Partner Invests In Your Search

The search for a qualified candidate may take many different avenues. Each searching method involves its own types of advertising and recruitment tools. These tools are costly for an agency. You want the best candidates available to fill your position, and so does your agency. Your staffing agency will be willing to invest in an active, efficient search if they know they have your trust.

Working with Multiple Agencies is Inefficient

Hiring managers often feel that having several companies working on a project will create competition and lower their costs. The reality is that savings, if any, will be minimal. The time spent dealing with more than one staffing agency is time-consuming and expensive.

A hiring agency has the expertise needed to understand your business and your company’s needs. Their experience allows them to weed through prospects and find the best fit for your organization. Choosing one agency to work with ensures that they will spend the time necessary to learn about your team, and consider not only the industry, but also intangibles such as company culture when proposing potential candidates.

Working with One Agency Builds Trust

Business relationships thrive when parties know that they can count on one another. Partners feel protected and assured that the relationship is mutually beneficial. When your hiring agency has your full trust, they will be willing to put forth every effort to ensure your success.They will do everything possible to find your perfect candidate.

Your Dedicated Staffing Agency Grows with You

At Vitalis Consulting, we continually work to understand the needs and staffing challenges of your organization. Our staff researches industry best practices and shares this information with you. We know that your requirements are dynamic and ever-changing. That’s why we investigate topics that are important to your company. We then pass our findings on to you and your organization through our weekly and monthly newsletters. At Vitalis Consulting, commitment to your success and providing you with quality staffing is our priority.

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