Finance And Accounting

As the economy recovers, the task of attracting and retaining top-quality staff is becoming increasingly important to all organizations. The challenges are particularly important in the financial sector, where the supply of strong candidates for accounting and financial positions rarely meets the demand, especially in clustered urban markets where firms and their clients are densely concentrated. Here are 5 steps to attracting quality accounting and finance personnel in today’s market.

1) Check your biases. Research has shown that our biases are rarely conscious, but they guide many of our business decisions without our knowledge. Think about your organization’s current staffing; are women and minorities appropriately represented? If not, it may be because you or others in your organization are being guided by your biases to reject strong candidates based on their gender or race. For employers canny and honest enough to recognize that these biases may be at work in their hiring practices, that awareness may be enough to open your eyes to the wealth of talent out there that may have previously been ignored.

2) Be employee-friendly. From onsite child care to fitness center access and discounted parking, there are a wealth of ways that organizations can make employees feel valued as whole people rather than just crunchers of numbers. The more you can convince your interviewees that working for you will make them feel supported and encouraged in their lives, the more eager they will be to work for you. Look for research in your local market to see what perks employees most appreciate and add them to your lineup.

3) Consider the commute. The kinds of professionals you want in your organization work long, hard hours. In markets like Washington, DC, New York and San Francisco, the merits of telework as a magnet for excellent staff cannot be overestimated. With today’s technical tools for remote Management and oversight, a team can be work and be led from anywhere, with realtime access for meetings and other conversations. To bring the highest quality staff to your organization, the single best investment you can make is to create a framework allowing them to skip the commute and focus on their productivity.

4) Craft your benefits. It’s no secret that health care costs are making it harder and harder for everyone to take good care of their health. A comprehensive and well-conceived benefits package may make the difference between an accepted offer and a rejection. If your benefits package is not appealing to potential candidates as it stands, or if you are getting negative feedback from current staff about their benefits, consider overhauling your options. As the benefits landscape shifts, new possibilities are opening up rapidly; your organization may beable to position itself more effectively for increased hiring by taking advantage of some of these.

5) Plan for growth. No one wants to end up in a job where they can’t advance or develop. If you want the best staff on your team, make it clear that your vision for them includes professional growth, promotion, expansion of their skills and development of their talents. Make resources available for conferences, workshops, online courses and association membership. Publicize achievements in these areas and encourage participation in them.

Employment market

As the employment market continues to fluctuate and change, employers are hard-pressed to find the personnel they need to fulfill their missions effectively. An invaluable ally in this task is a staffing agency to provide not only staff for short-term assignments but also to assist in locating and recruiting permanent team members. Vitalis Consulting may be able to offer analysis of your organization’s particular needs as well as creative, tailored solutions.