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Recruiting and AI: A Marriage Made to Last?

The words “artificial intelligence (AI)” seem to be on the tips of everyone’s tongue these days. AI is assisting with everything from learning more about deep space to assisting with the latest medical advancements. It has already helped the human race to reach achievements that we would not otherwise have been capable of reaching. With that in […]

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Outdated ZipRecruiter and Indeed: 6 Reasons Switching to Experienced Staffing Agencies Is the Right Move!

A simple Google search on ‘where to post or source jobs’ will probably return ZipRecruiter and Indeed and for good reason.  Forbes reports that Indeed has a resume pool amounting to a colossal 200 million and above. ZipRecruiter, America’s favorite job site, has over 32 million resumes and 63 million monthly users!  That’s not even it!  […]

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Experienced Staffing Agencies Run Circles Around Outdated ZipRecruiter and Indeed: Make the Switch Today!

Go ahead and turn on your favorite podcast and pay attention to the ads that interrupt your favorite programs. It won’t take long until your ears are assaulted by an advertisement for ZipRecruiter. Podchaser reports that ZipRecruiter is the fourth largest advertiser on podcasts across the board. Perhaps this is because ZipRecruiter is desperately trying to […]

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Private Equity Landscape in 2023 – Attracting High-Caliber Professionals

The 2023 private equity (PE) landscape could be a rocky one, judging by expected turbulent economic times, with fewer investments and realizations. The large private capital pool of about $1.24 trillion globally will likely result in increased investments in 2023 and beyond. The PE industry will require various strategies including expense reduction and revenue increase, social responsibility, compliance, […]

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Why You Should Choose Vitalis Consulting

Vitalis: The Best-Kept Secret This Side Of NJ Smart. Caring. Solution-oriented. That about sums up Vitalis Consulting, one of the best employment agencies in NJ. In fact, we may even be the agency for job seekers. And why not? Did you know that New Jersey ranks #2 in the United States for education? It even has an enviable 4-year college graduation rate, […]

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3 Hiring Trends In The Fund Accounting Industry

It’s 2018, and the regulatory hell-hounds are chomping at the bit. Are fund accountants the answer?  Thanks to the growing complexity of financial reporting rules, even the Big Four accounting firms are rethinking previously laissez-faire attitudes about turnover. No one can blame them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 10% rise in demand for accountants […]

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4 Hiring Trends in The Finance Industry For 2018 and Beyond

It’s everywhere. Turn on the news, and you’ll hear news pundits discussing it at length. So, what’s the excitement about? The historically low unemployment rate. The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCLS) reports that about 223,000 jobs were created in May 2018. The unemployment rate is now pegged at 3.8%. But, don’t celebrate yet. For employers, the […]

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MACRA and the Unique Staffing Needs of FQHCs, CCBHCs, and CMHCs

On April 16, 2015, President Obama signed MACRA (the Medicare Access and Chip Reauthorization Act) into law without much fanfare. Yet, this patient-centered approach to healthcare is quietly changing the face of medicine in America. The new legislation effectively repeals the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula for determining Medicare Part B payments. In place of the SGR, we […]

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Phase 1 Clinical Trials: What You Need to Know

Clinical trials have certainly been the subject of morbid fascination in recent years. Who can forget the infamous 2006 Elephant Man Phase 1 case in the UK? After taking their TGN1412 dosages at London’s Northwick Park Hospital, six male participants suffered multiple organ failures and extreme head swelling. The resultant fight for their lives was […]

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5 Reasons to Find a Career with Purpose

Does your job give you a sense of purpose? If not, you may want to rethink your career path. Having a fulfilling job isn’t just important to your happiness–according to recent research, having a sense of purpose is also impacts your physical and mental health. Since Americans currently work an average of 1,811.16 hours per […]

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A Short Guide to the Impending Tax Reform

Will the Upcoming Tax Changes Help or Hurt My Business? The impending tax reform will help you if you’re a corporation by reducing your tax from 35 percent to 21 percent. Most individuals and small businesses won’t see a benefit. In fact, the tax reform could damage them financially. A Few Tax Reform Myths and Facts Myth: The […]

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3 Emerging Healthcare Technologies And Related Cybersecurity Risks

According to a 2017 IBM-sponsored study on cybersecurity, the healthcare industry incurs higher data breach costs than four other industries: financial services, research, media, and the public sector. The same study also reports that the healthcare industry has higher per capita data breach costs than average. In 2017, the US healthcare industry spent $380 per compromised record, […]

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