business workers at Vitalis Consulting discussing paper documents

Why You Should Choose Vitalis Consulting

Vitalis: The Best-Kept Secret This Side Of NJ Smart. Caring. Solution-oriented. That about sums up Vitalis Consulting, one of the best employment agencies in NJ. In fact, we may even be the agency for job seekers. And why not? Did you know that New Jersey ranks #2 in the United States for education? It even has an enviable 4-year college graduation rate, […]

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fund accounting woman giving presentation

3 Hiring Trends In The Fund Accounting Industry

It’s 2018, and the regulatory hell-hounds are chomping at the bit. Are fund accountants the answer?  Thanks to the growing complexity of financial reporting rules, even the Big Four accounting firms are rethinking previously laissez-faire attitudes about turnover. No one can blame them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 10% rise in demand for accountants […]

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4 Hiring Trends in The Finance Industry For 2018 and Beyond

It’s everywhere. Turn on the news, and you’ll hear news pundits discussing it at length. So, what’s the excitement about? The historically low unemployment rate. The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCLS) reports that about 223,000 jobs were created in May 2018. The unemployment rate is now pegged at 3.8%. But, don’t celebrate yet. For employers, the […]

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