Vitalis: The Best-Kept Secret This Side Of NJ

Smart. Caring. Solution-oriented. That about sums up Vitalis Consulting, one of the best employment agencies in NJ. In fact, we may even be the agency for job seekers.

And why not? Did you know that New Jersey ranks #2 in the United States for education? It even has an enviable 4-year college graduation rate, ranking at 6th place nationally. After all, it’s home to Princeton and Rutgers, two of America’s premier colleges.

Additionally, New Jersey ranks a spectacular #10 for economic opportunity. So, what does this mean for you? In short, New Jersey is the place you want to be, whether you’re an employer or employee. You can’t go wrong with an educated workforce and a vital economy.

What’s Our Magic?

At Vitalis Consulting, we specialize in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). That’s a fancy word, but it describes a very important function. As a leading permanent staffing agency, Vitalis Consulting is a robust extension of a corporate human resources department.

At Vitalis, we do more than just recruit: we also specialize in tracking KPIs that quantitatively measure success. In line with evolving marketplace needs, we have created a process that is dynamic and innovative. Imagine having at your fingertips time-to-hire, retention, cost-per-hire, and candidate quality rates.

Then, imagine the power you’ll have to enact meaningful changes that will revolutionize growth. That’s what RPO represents.

Why Employers Choose Us

Sure, there are many temporary staffing agencies in NJ. You may already be working with several clinical recruiters or healthcare recruiters.

These outfits may specialize in recruiting certified public accountants and other finance professionals. They may even know how to recruit for CPA jobs in a tight economy. They’re good at what they do, and they get results. Conventional results.

But, imagine being able to do more. Much, much more. Think establishing a vibrant talent pipeline. Think efficiency and customization. A solution that reverses upward trends in attrition rates. Think a seamless exit Management process. At Vitalis, we specialize in executive search, direct hiring, and temporary contract hiring.

On the business side, we’re focused on protecting your data. And we understand the complexity of compliance frameworks. In fact, we’re probably the closest thing to having a recruiting A-Team on your side. So, don’t go it alone: decrease your susceptibility to regulatory breaches and avoid costly sanctions.

At Vitalis, we’re also good at recruiting for hard-to-fill positions. In 2018, data scientists, clinical specialists, and registered nurses are in great demand. In this improved economic climate, however, stabilizing retention rates is a job for the big boys.

At Vitalis, our RPO process is a revolutionary process that’s all about strategy. With us, you’ll meet both short-term operational goals and long-term growth objectives. Powerful. Authentic. Inspiring: Vitalis has a pulse on how the market runs.

That’s why we’re one of the best employment agencies in NJ.


At Vitalis, we emphasize and value relationships, specifically the relationships that we build and cultivate with our clients. When an organization becomes a client of ours, we take the pro-active steps necessary to build a solid business relationship. That involves understanding everything –  its employees, its culture, the way in which it prefers to conduct business, etc.

Our recruiting process starts with gaining an in-depth understanding of your organization’s staffing needs. We ask several questions such as:

  • What are the peculiar attributes that would make a staff member of yours outstanding?
  • Are there specific reasons you need staffing assistance?

Rather than simply picking a candidate from our database, we take a different approach. We make the answers you provide us our central focus in identifying a candidate for your organization.

What Makes The Recruiting Process For Our Clients Different

Once we establish a relationship, we continuously seek to understand your organization’s staffing challenges. To this end, we ask our research staff to research industry best practices. These finding we then share this with your organization. We understand that your needs are dynamic and ever changing. Our research topics are tailored to meet your organization’s changing needs.  We will share our free research findings with your organization through our weekly and monthly newsletters.

If we cannot fill a position, we will let you know immediately. We will not hold on to an open position and waste your organization’s valuable time.


Vitalis will assign a dedicated relationship manager to your organization. We promise not to change your relationship manager or assign your organization with an inexperienced recruiter.

At Vitalis don’t view our clients as “just clients”. We view clients as partners in the search and placement process. The recruiting process for our clients focuses on hiring the best candidates that meet the specific needs of our clients. Contact us today – Office Main: 973-285-3382