Go ahead and turn on your favorite podcast and pay attention to the ads that interrupt your favorite programs. It won’t take long until your ears are assaulted by an advertisement for ZipRecruiter. Podchaser reports that ZipRecruiter is the fourth largest advertiser on podcasts across the board. Perhaps this is because ZipRecruiter is desperately trying to keep its name in your mind at all times. The quality of its service simply doesn’t hold a candle as one of the most experienced staffing agencies. 

Understandably, you might have been tempted by the allure of ZipRecruiter or even Indeed for staffing needs. However, pump the brakes on that and reconsider. These online services offer the low-hanging fruit of being simple to use. If you lean on them for too long, you will find yourself swimming in useless and time-wasting applications from candidates that are not qualified, a poor fit, or both. Instead of going down that path, consider looking to traditional staffing agencies to help you get staffed up properly. 

Why Staffing Agencies Hold the Edge

If you are staring into the void of your computer screening, hoping that the right candidate will apply through ZipRecruiter or Indeed, you are probably on a fool’s errand. Those websites do not weed out the candidates who are a poor fit for your roles. They send you anyone and everyone that decides to throw in an application. Talk about a waste of your time! Instead, you could go with experienced and professional staffing agencies. They know what you are truly looking for in an applicant. Better yet, staffing agencies do many other things that online job boards simply cannot. 

Staffing With a Human Touch

Adding a human touch back into the hiring process is a big part of what all hiring managers need to consider as they attempt to weed through the options available to them to get staffed up. A staffing agency adds that human touch back into proceedings by meeting with clients one-on-one. This is to better understand what they are looking for. Not only do they do this, but they will also meet up with all of the prospective candidates so that they can get a better idea of what those candidates are like as well. Again, they are trying to match up the right candidates with the right employers. That all comes down to a meeting with everyone to get the best idea of how to pull this off. 

Industry-Specific Knowledge

One of the major downsides to using online job boards for recruiting is that they are generalized to all industries. ZipRecruiter and Indeed don’t have a firm grip on the industry in which you operate. They aren’t going to be able to recommend qualified candidates for your niche in most cases. 

Inserotalent.com explains why you want to consider what a traditional staffing agency can truly offer you: 

You want an experienced agency that has expertise in your specific industry and understands the related market trends, skills, and salary levels. They should also have a proven process for locating qualified candidates using the latest technology and business intelligence tools.

A website is never going to be able to meet those objectives for you. If you want qualified and interested people in the work that you have to offer, then you should work with a professional staffing agency. 

Get Motivated Candidates

Anyone can log on to their account on Indeed or ZipRecruiter, upload their resume, and throw that resume out to hundreds or even thousands of jobs if they want to. It requires very little commitment or motivation on the part of the job seeker. They may not be serious about going to work for you at all. Instead of dealing with that, you could work with a professional staffing agency. They will only send you candidates that they have screened to determine their true level of interest in the type of work that you have to offer. 

Not every candidate that you sit down to interview will be a guaranteed hire for your role. However, you know that you are getting an individual who wants to work in your industry. There is also a high probability that the candidate will have some background (educational or work experience) in the industry as well. Thus, there may be less training and a quicker learning curve involved with candidates plucked from a staffing agency. 

Pre-Screening Processes

Some staffing agencies provide all-inclusive services including the pre-screening processes that a company needs to perform on a candidate before hiring them. This means that a staffing agency can potentially perform a drug screening and background check on all candidates that they send to their clients. That saves the client time and money and ensures that they only receive candidates who can pass all of those checks. 

Keeping the workplace safe and productive should always be the end goal of hiring any candidate. The only way to know for sure that you have done so is to screen candidates for potential issues with drugs or criminal history. Therefore, all hiring managers or business owners must insist that they have these screenings done before new candidates are brought on. 

Remaining Properly Staffed in a Tight Labor Market

The labor market remains incredibly tight and competitive at this time. The Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise reported that the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there are still two job openings for every unemployed person. This means that many companies remain desperate to hire new employees. However, there are just not enough of them to go around. 

Resist the temptation to get desperate and hire just anyone for your open roles. Hiring someone who isn’t qualified, is unmotivated, or doesn’t have an interest in the job will result in more significant problems in the long term. They are more likely to live in a hurry, and that will leave the job role open yet again. That will force you to start the entire process over again from scratch, and that is incredibly expensive and frustrating. Instead, you should work with a qualified staffing agency to handle the process the right way from the start. 

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