A simple Google search on ‘where to post or source jobs’ will probably return ZipRecruiter and Indeed and for good reason. 

Forbes reports that Indeed has a resume pool amounting to a colossal 200 million and above. ZipRecruiter, America’s favorite job site, has over 32 million resumes and 63 million monthly users! 

That’s not even it! 

Indeed rakes in 3X more revenue than ZipRecruiter – made slightly above $210 million in Q4 2022 – you do the math. 

Additionally, posting a job or downloading a certain number of resumes can cost you $249-$599 per month, or $549 if you use ZipRecruiter’s White-Label Software.

While these job boards have become household names, numerous red flags tell your gut to switch to experienced staffing agencies. 

Standing Out Isn’t Always a Walk in the Park 

With over 250 million monthly subscribers between the two job boards, how well will your job posting stand out? 

Does it have the right keywords to appear on the front pages? 

There are over 9 million active job postings in ZipRecruiter alone, at any given time, with each receiving hundreds if not thousands of resumes.

How long will it take you to sort through all these bucket loads to find your diamond in the rough? It’ll be like looking for that one sunflower in a vast field of sunflowers! 

It may be easy for a candidate to filter job posts. However, making your job posting stand out and communicating your company’s unique value proposition might be challenging.

businesspeople looking at laptop screen with candidate search

A Limited Scope of Opportunities 

These online job boards are a good starting point for finding potential candidates.

However, they are by far the least exhaustive sources of top talent.

CNBC reports that 70% of all jobs are never published in the public domain, and 85% are filled through networking.

How does this affect you as a potential employer?

If a job board has a limited range of job postings:

  • It may be harder to find qualified candidates for a specific role. Worse if you are looking for personnel for specialized or niche roles, where the pool of available candidates may be limited.
  • Can impact the diversity of candidates you can attract
  • The increased competition for a limited pool of qualified candidates doesn’t help. 

All these combined factors can lead to higher recruitment costs, particularly where you offer more competitive salaries and benefits to attract top talent.


Posting a job on online job boards isn’t a one-time affair. 

You’ll want to increase your visibility and attracts the top talent in town, or else your competition will grab them right out of your hands. 

Posting a job on Indeed is free, but this one will appear in the general search pile. Also, if you want to attract the right candidate pool, you must pay to sponsor your posts. You already know it’ll cost you to post on ZipRecruiter, depending on how many roles you post, how many candidates you need, and several other features you need to access. 

Despite all these costs and time, you’ll still need to beat the tough competition and sort through hundreds of resumes! 

These resources can quickly add up, especially if you’re a small business owner or startup with limited budgets.

business people sitting in chairs and waiting for an interview

Difficulty in Screening Candidates 

Posting a job on Indeed or ZipRecruiter means mountain loads of applications within a few short hours or days.

Evaluating each applicant is a tall order due to the: 

  • Sheer volume of resumes and applications.
  • Lack of standardization in resumes and applications.
  • Difficulty in evaluating candidates’ skills and experience.
  • Risk of making hiring decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate information.

You might need to invest time and resources in developing a clear job description and candidate profile. You’ll also need to create a robust screening process that can help filter out unqualified candidates. 

You can leverage tools like applicant tracking systems (ATS) and pre-employment assessments to help streamline the screening process and identify top candidates more efficiently.

That means more resources are consumed, and you still might not find the right candidate! 

Lack of Much-Needed Personalization

We all want personalization; we long for it! Even Forbes says personalization is the key to recruiting.

A lack of personalization in your job postings can give undesired results in several ways:

  •  You may miss out on qualified candidates looking for specific job requirements or company culture fit. 
  • It affects your brand image and reputation, as generic job posts might be interpreted as a company that’s not invested in its employees or is not a desirable workplace. 
  • A higher rate of turnover and employee dissatisfaction if job candidates aren’t fully aware of the job requirements and company culture before accepting a position.
  • It can make it more challenging to assess a candidate’s qualifications.
  • A less positive candidate experience, as candidates may feel like they are not being considered for the job.

Using standardized templates for job postings, and failing to understand the company culture and the resources you require may make personalization challenging. 

businesspeople working on laptop while looking for potential candidates online

Limited Targeting

Job boards are often generalist in nature. 

Having vast pools of resumes can be detrimental to your efforts to get the ideal candidates in several ways:

  • Difficulty reaching specific demographics or groups of candidates, such as those with a certain education level or particular skill sets.
  • Inability to focus on specific geographic locations, which can be a significant issue if you have multiple locations or require employees to be onsite.
  • Difficulty standing out among a sea of job postings and differentiating yourself from other companies in the same field.
  • Limited ability to showcase company culture and values to attract candidates who share your mission and vision.
  • Increased cost and time to sort through unqualified candidates.

Indeed and ZipRecruiter can reach a large audience, even globally, yet they may be ineffective in reaching the right candidate, particularly those highly specialized or niche skilled. 

Time to Optimize Your Staffing Processes

According to Business News Daily, hiring the wrong candidate can cost anywhere between $17,000 to $240,000.

Worst-case scenario, this candidate will be disengaged, unproductive, and might quit anytime. 

Why risk all that when you can streamline your staffing needs with an experienced staffing agency such as Vitalis Consulting LLC? Why not let us handle this process the right way right from the word go? 

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